The MOT: £48.00

We know that the MOT test can sometimes be a stressful ordeal. It is for that reason we take a slightly different approach from most garages to testing. At Fast we don't believe in using the test as a method of generating work. Instead we offer every bit of help and advice we can to make the whole process altogether less 'painful'.

One example of this is what we call minor fail items. Everybody's been there! The car fails on something small like a bulb not working or a wiper not quite cleaning the windscreen properly and what was supposed to be a quick, easy MOT then becomes a costly and time consuming one.

Not here! For the most part, and within reason, a simple thing that would normally cause the vehicle to fail a test at another garage that we think can be easily put right in about 5 minutes we often do free of charge! No gimmicks, no sales pitch you often won’t even be charged for the bulb! It's just how we roll. You only need to read some of the reviews left by our customers to see that we mean it too.