Winter Service, Summer Service, A Service, B Service, Interim Service, Major Service.

With so many services to choose from where does one start? At Fast we take the same approach to servicing your car as we do to everything else, by trying to keep it simple and without gimmicks. We only offer two types of service here, BASIC or FULL.

Often garages try to make it seem as though they do a whole bunch of stuff to the car when you take it in for its annual service when in actual fact, with the exception of a filter and oil change most are just checks that you could have had done for free. We have taken a look at what these other garages do and don’t do and decided to come up with a plan that best suites you, the customer.

We wanted to offer the best value for money service on the market and think we might have nailed it by offering you the choice between a Basic Service (which is to the same standard as most dealer offered interim services) and a FULL Service which we think covers everything that people expect should be checked, topped up and replaced on a service (Far more comprehensive and thorough than most services offered elsewhere including dealerships!) Our prices are fair and we use only the best quality parts. Pop in or give us a call for more information.